90 Watt Small Indoor Blower Fan Motor HVAC With Double Shaft

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Product Features:

High efficiency and low temperature rise:
it can be optimized in design in accordance with different kinds of indoor units, thus to guarantee the best match between air wheel and surface cooler.

Low noise and small vibration:
being adapted international famous qualified low noise ball bearing, it makes motor long life and no need for more oil supplying;

Product Applications:

YSK120 series single and double shaft fan motors are mostly used for 2P, 3P, 4P split type indoor air conditioner, as well as other related ventilation equipment.

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Technical Parameters

Model Number Voltage




Output Power


Rated Speed




YSK120-37-4A 220-240 50 37 1350/3 SPD 3/370
YSK120-40-4A3 220-240 50 40 1100/3 SPD 3/370
YSK120-50-4A2 220-240 50 50 1300/3 SPD 3/400
YSK120-64-4A 220-240 50 64 1320/3 SPD 3/400
YSK120-90-4A 220-240 60 90 1600/3 SPD 4/370
YSK120-90-4A4 220-240 50 90 1300/3 SPD 5/370
YSK120-90-4A5 220-240 50 90 1175/3 SPD 4/370
YSK120-120-4A 220-240 60 120 1300/4 SPD 3/370
YSK120-185-4A 220-240 60 185 1625/3 SPD 7.5/370
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