About Power AC Spare Parts Suppliers in Dubai

Power AC Spare Parts Suppliers was born with the proposal to innovate the retail & wholesale market of HVAC spare parts in Dubai & in other Middle Eastern Countries.

Aiming at quality, Power AC Spare parts dealers in Dubai is associated with major distributors, representing the best HVAC brands in the market such as, LG, Carrier, Super General, Daikin, Gree, O General, Trane, Mitsubishi, Maksal, Mueller, Honeywell, Genetron, Mafron, Refron, Klima, Briton, Lg, Carrier, Bristol, Copeland, Danfoss, Forane, Rothenbergers, Uniweld, P&M, Value, Stanley, Aspera, Embraco, Tecumseh, Kulthorn.

The Achievements

Leading HVAC Spare Parts Company in Dubai was born in 2011 with the proposal to innovate the retail & wholesale market of spare parts for refrigeration, air conditioning and appliances. With differentiated actions in the segment, the company achieved great goals.

In October 2012, with just over a year in the HVAC market in Dubai, Power AC Spare Parts was recognized as a reference in air conditioning wholesale & retail store in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

The relationship with customers goes beyond sales, as the company is engaged in training them, bringing quality technical information in partnership with major manufacturers in the segment, through events inside and outside the company.

Power AC Spare Parts Company success comes from its people, a large team that works together focused on serving well and bringing solutions to customers.


With the mission of providing differentiated customer service, we offer information, innovation and the widest range of HVAC-R products & wide range of AC Spare Parts in Dubai UAE.

The story does not end here, there is much more innovation out there. To stay on top of the HVAC-R world, Stay connected with us.


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