Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Compressors Supplier

Stockist & dealers of all types of Air conditioners compressors brands such as Copeland USA, Bristol USA, Tecumseh USA, Embraco, Samsung Korea, Aspera Brazil, Panasonic Malaysia, Danfoss Slovakia, LG Korea, Mitsushita China.

AC Thermostats, Actuators, Valves & HVAC Controls

We deals in all type of Air conditioner thermostats & controls, Danfoss Expansion Valves, Actuators Valves Honeywell, Relays, Temperature Controllers, Honeywell Thermostats, Siemens, Ako, Omron, PCB Boards, Universal AC Remote Controls, ICM, Danfoss, Rheem, Carrier, Lg, York, Trane, Samsung, Toshiba.

AC Refrigerant Gases Supplier in Dubai

We are the only #1 Supplier of Refrigerant gases in Dubai. We deals in all types of AC Refrigerant gases in Dubai, R22, R410a, R134a, R404a, R407c from well known brands like Honeywell Genetron USA, Mafron India, Refron India, Briton UK, Harp Uk, Refrix Italy, Forane France, Dupont USA, National UK, Klea Japan, Refrigerant China, Viszl China.

AC Copper Pipes, Copper Coils, Tubes & Rubber Insulation

Dealer & distributor of major Air Conditioning Copper Coils, Tubes & Copper Pipes & Rubber Insulation Materials in Dubai. We deals in Maksal Copper Coils – South Africa, Mueller Copper Pipes & Coils – USA, Klima Copper Pipes & Rubber Insulation – Korea, Etihad Copper Coils – Korea, Tns Copper  Korea, Thermo Copper Pipes Korea, Trox Copper Coils Korea, Chinese Copper Pipes & Coils.

HVAC Tools & Equipment

Air conditioning & Refrigeration Top brands Tools and Equipment are available at Power AC Spare Parts Suppliers in Dubai, The brands we deal are Rothenberger, Value Tools, P&M Tools, Proex Tools, Uniweld Tools. Mastech, Kyoritsu, Sanwa, Terminator.

Air Conditioning System Supplier in Dubai

We deals in all types of air conditioning units in retail and bulk wholesale supplies, Split Air Conditioning Units, Package AC Units, Window Air Conditioner, Casette Type Air Conditioners, VRF Units, Chiller Units with complete installation and AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) facility in Dubai.


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