Air Condition Fan Motor 60Hz , HVAC Fan Motor Replacement OEM Offered

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1. 100% pure copperwinding.
2. Rolling bearing, NSK low noise high quality material.
3. Brass terminals plug-in.
4. Silicon steel shaft, nickel plating treatment.
5. Steel enclosure, electrophoretic coating treatment.
6. 100% pure silicon steel stator and rotator.

Product Applications:

1. Window machine, window air conditioner, window type air conditioner
2. Condenser
3. Air conditioning related equipments

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Note: Listed are representative motors, only for reference, dimensions and parameters can be customized according to customer requirements, OEM/ODM offered.


Model NumberVoltage
OEM Model
YSK140/30-150-4220/230501/5HP1200/3 SPDREVERSIBLE5/370
YSK140-150-6A208-230601/5HP1115/3 SPDCCW-LE5/3705KCP39FGM4440
YSK140-150-6A2208-230601/5HP1075/3 SPDCW-LE4/3705KCP39FGM672S
YSK140-150-6A3208-230601/5HP1100/2 SPDCW-LE5/3705KCP39FGM639T
YSK140-150-6A4208-230601/5HP1115/3 SPDCW-LE5/370F48U01A30
YSK140-150-6A5208-230601/5HP1050/3 SPDCW-LE5/3705KCP39HGS635S
YSK140-150-6A6208-230601/5HP1100/3 SPDCCW-LE5/370K55HXLEK-5966
YSK140-150-6A7208-230601/5HP1100/3 SPDCCW-LE5/370ACE-000-33C
YSK140-150-6A10208-230601/5HP1050/3 SPDCW-LE5/370F48533B382U-Y
YSK140-150-6A14208-230601/5HP1050/2 SPDREVERSIBLE4/370K55ZZEHN-4921
YSK140-150-4A21208-230601/5HP1625/3 SPDCCW-LE5/370D775
YSK140-150-4A22115601/5HP1625/3 SPDCCW-LE5/370D776
YSK140-150-4A208-230601/5HP1350/2 SPDCCW-LE5/370KA5HXNGT-9416C
YSK140-150-4A2208-230501/5HP1360/3 SPDREVERSIBLE5/400PM410542
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