Refrigerant Gas Suppliers DubaiPower AC Parts Dubai is a major supplier of refrigerant gases to the refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC market. Offering a range of products like fluorocarbon refrigerants including HFCs, and HCFCs as well as full range of environmentally safe natural refrigerants and Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.

When looking for AC refrigerant gas suppliers in Dubai , certain precautions must be taken into account regarding the quality of the freon gases in Dubai. Some characteristics are essential to determine if a refrigerant gas is safe and at the same time, it presents a good cost-benefit ratio. Mainly, when it comes to refrigerant gas dealers in Dubai, this inspection must be increased, precisely because it is acquiring bulk or large quantities of Refrigerant Gas. For almost 25 years, Power AC Spare Parts Dubai has been an Wholesaler & Suppliers of well known refrigerant gas brands in Dubai i.e. Briton Refrigerant gas, Honeywell Refrigerant Gases, Mafron R22 India Refrigerant Gas, Refron R22 India Refrigerant Gas, Refron R410A India Refrigerant Gas in Dubai Klima Refrigerant Gas Distributor, Dupont, National Refrigerants, the best manufacturers of AC refrigerant gas for the HVACR Industry. We Deals in R22, R134a, R410a, R407c, R404a, R11, R141b, R502, R1234y, R600a.

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